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Digital X-Rays Offer Safety, Comfort for our Dental Patients

Dr. Winter Uses Digital Radiography

At the office of Dr. Marvin Winter, we use digital x-rays, also known as digital radiography, to map your teeth and bone structure. X-rays are an important tool we use to determine your oral health problems.

What are the advantages of digital x-rays?

  • Dental digital x-rays emit 80% less radiation than traditional radiography.
  • Digital x-rays are very efficient, and require less time to take, view, and store.
  • Since images are sent directly to the computer, Dr. Winter can see the x-rays almost instantly, viewing them in a number of ways to ensure correct diagnoses.
  • Digital x-rays are easily stored in electronic charts and can be transferred quickly to referring specialists.
  • Digital x-rays allow patients to become proactive in their dental health treatments, especially since they can see the images of their own mouths.
  • Dr. Winters can map your oral health by comparing previous digital x-rays with your current ones, to determine the course of your current treatment, or if there are new areas of concern.

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